Monday, November 16, 2009

New liver new heart

Thought I would share a story ( without pictures ).

About 9 months ago one of our members called on our church for prayer for her married daughter living in Serbia who was not a Christian.
Tanya, had contracted Hep B twenty years ago while living in Moldova and now, at 39, according to her doctors had just a short time to live.
Her only hope was to get a liver transplant.
As a church we began to pray and fast for her to receive a liver transplant.

Not long afterwards a liver became available, she had the operation and everything went so well that she was out of hospital care within 2 months.

At the end of October she was with us in the church and shared of her experiences - it was moving for all that were there.
We were away but the following Sunday Tanya came to speak to us after the meeting wanting to get right with God.

We came to meet her the following day at her mum's and explained the gospel in detail to her step by step.

When we came to talk about how Jesus had died on the cross to take our sins giving his life so that we could live she began to weep profusely.

Soon it became clear why. A young man of 20 years of age died in a car accident and because of his death and the heart breaking suffering and gracious gift of the boy's parents she received a new liver and thus a new life.
She saw the even greater sacrifices of Jesus and His Father, when He, a man without sin, willingly and consciously gave His life dying on the cross in her place for her sins to give her a new life.

With tears she put her trust in what Jesus had done for her on the cross and asked the risen Jesus to come into her life as her Lord and Saviour.

Moments later we read John 6:47 together "Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me has etrenal life"

"Did you believe in Him just now?" I asked her"
"Yes" she said
"According to this verse what does the Bible say you have?" I asked?

She read the verse again
"Eternal life" she said, joy replacing the tears

"When do you have it?" I asked
She looked at the verse again
"Now!" she said with a mixture of incredulity and thankfulness on her face

It was a special moment for us too

Pastor Mark

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