Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mari's Graduation

Here's my darling wife getting her BEE bible school graduation certificate.

I couldn't be prouder.

This is the same course that we run in Gotesti for pastors, leaders, church planters etc in the South except that the course was for women.

Pastor Lucian the director of the BEE course in Romania is presenting the certificate to Mari as he did for the other 29 students that were part of the course.

Most of the ladies were either leaders of the women's ministry amongst Baptists or Pentecostals in Moldova or wives of leaders or pastors.

We husbands were invited for the final subject in the course - "A healthy marriage" which included teaching and one to one discussion in couples of various questionaires.

Lidia Schiopu who is at the microphone in the picture was their teacher throughout the course and shared the teaching with Pastor Lucian during these 3 days of the marriage course also.

It was an emotional fairwell for all the ladies and Lidia as the Moldovan ladies now pick up the baton for continuing to minister as ladies in Moldova and mentoring other ladies to spread the work.

A big task indeed as one of the husbands who spoke reminded us since 70% of membership of churches are women.

Always in need of your prayers

Pastor Mark

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