Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is the village of Tolica ( or at least one half of it ).

It is a village of around 1000 residents in the North East part of the county of Cantemir and one of the villages that comes under the brief the B.U gave me for the county.

I have not be able to visit it until now as it's a bit in the countryside and when the winter weather is upon is the roads become difficult to travel on.

However I went this last Sunday with one of our worship teams from Gotesti and had a lovely time.

Stefan Rosca ( pictured in the middle ) is the pastor of the baptist church that has been planted in the village.

He's an old friend having come to the very first in house BEE bible school that we ran in Gotesti around 10 years ago.

He is a history teacher in the school and has been pastoring the church since before that time.

They managed to build a church building some time ago although as you can see like most church buildings in our patch it is not entirely finished.

They have around 15 members although most are old.

Nonetheless there were 2 adult non Christians at the meeting on Sunday who were both clearly challenged by the whole programme and message.

They stayed afterwards to ask more questions and were in agreement to meet again and talk more.

We're planning to go on another day soon and do a day long mission - to include street evangelism, door to door, and an outreach mission.

Always in need of your prayers.

Pastor Mark

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