Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Badicu couples at Karis

One of the blessings of having our Karis pizzeria is that there is a function room and other churches are able to use it for special events

Here Lucian, from the church at Badicu, brought a group of couples from his village to have a meal together and enjoy an evening out in celebration of 8th of March - ladies day. It was a surpirse outing for the wives.

They have just finished and Alpha marriage course at his church and these ones were enthusiastic attenders.

It was a joy to be with them and you could feel the close relationship they already have even though only 2 couples were actually church members

Here they are playing a game. A couple stands back to back and each have a fork and a knife. The fork represents the wife and the knife the husband. They are then asked questions e.g "who takes the rubbish out each day" Then each has to raise either fork or knife or both fork & knife to say which is correct. There were some fun results.

We were asked to bring a word from the Bible to finish the evening and so Mari and I both shared a short word.

Lord more of these kind of evenings please!

Pastor Mark

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