Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baptism Meeting at Gotesti

On 10 April we had a baptism meeting in Gotesti church to which we invited churches that had partaken in the Alpha course that we ran over the winter. In fact the baptism was the last week of the Alpha course - a sort of pratical lecture.

As you can see we had a good turnout of people, not only from our villages of Gotesti and Chircani but also from the other villages participating in the course.

We had 10 people being baptised and 7 of them had come to faith in the Alpha course.

There are at least another 10-15 that are going through discpleship studies and we would hope to see many of them come through to baptism in the Autumn

Ruslan, our deacon, led the meeting and Aliona led the worship with Olesia and Nadina assisting.

The pastors of the churhces that brought baptism candidtaes to the meeting assisted me in the actual baptisms. Stefan from Porumbesti had 7 people from his church getting baptised. Here he is with Grisa who gave his life to the Lord towards the end of thr Alpha course and then Volodia ( in black ) from Cantemir together with me as we baptised Denis - the son of one of his members and a young man who seems quite on fire

Our trustees were out with us at the time of the baptism meeting and they took part in the celebration. Here Dave Lynn, our treasurer, is singing a duet with Julie Collier - a long time supporter of the work here both finacnially and in prayer. Her husband Geoff was out last year when the trustees came.

Then there was John Dyson - our senior trustee and a veteran of visits to Moldova. (I think he said this was his 16 or 17th visit to Moldova)

John preached the gospel message at the meeting and one of those who responded was the wife of a young man who had come to faith in the Alpha course so all in all an encouraging time was had both in the time of the Alpha course and the baptism meeting as a result

Pray for more of the same

Pastor Mark

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