Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chircani's Easter Programme

On Easter Sunday in the afternoon we did a programme for the parents in Chircani.The kids smartly dressed as you can see sang songs and shared poems.

The outfits were made by some of our believers.

Joan Robinson, one of our friends, who with her husband Neil was with us over the Easter period, gave her testimony during the meeting.

Ruslan preached, explaining why Jesus, God the Son, left heaven and became a man. He used the example of lots of tiny birds being outside a house in winter time and a child opening the window and calling them to come into the house before they die.

The birds don'tt come. Then the father of the child comes and tells the child that they only way she can convicne the birds to trust her and come inside is to become a bird herself live among them and convicne them of the danger they are in then they will come into the house. Thus Jesus did becoming and man, sufffering in every just like us so that he was and is able to understand and empathize with us. Ruslan appealed to those parents that were there to come into the house - God's family through Jesus and be saved.

A word for us?

Pastor Mark

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