Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Summer of Weddings

We have had a rich summer of weddings this year with 3 taking place and another due in late october.

The first was between Claudia Caraivan and Roma Cheptene. Claudia is one of the 4 daugthers of Avraam and Veta whom many of you know. I have done the cunonia ( marriage ceremony ) for the 3 daugthers that have now been married ( Nadina the remaining one is just turning 18 so watch this space )

Claudia and Roma were married in Vad lui Isac church were Andrei Ciobanu ( whom many of you know) is the pastor. Andrei afforded me the priviledge of doing the cunonia while Misa Caraivan, Claudia's brother preached the message which meant the many non Christians had a chance to understand something of God's love for us.

Claudia and Roma have decided to live in Vad lui Isac which is his home village

As the summer progressed we had our second wedding this time in Gotesti between Viorel Regus and Olesia Vladimirov. Viorel assists Igor in the running of our youth group so all the youth took part in his wedding.

Slavic Bufenco was M.C for the celebrations afterwards and led us all in many interesting and original games - he's becoming quite proficient in this role

Finally at the end of the summer Mariana Cara married Andrei Taranenco the assistant leader of the sports ministry at O.M Moldova.

Mathew Skirton, the leader of the O.M work in Moldova and an old close friend, ( that is to say the friendship has been for a while not that either of us are old ) came to bring the message in the wedding along with many amusing anecdotes. Thus the whole wedding was conducted in Romanian by 2 English missionaries ( although I for one have spent more time living in Moldova than I did in England - having left NI in 1982 to live in England and then come to Moldova in 1994 )

Again there were fun celebrations afterwards.
In one case Mari and I were called out to participate in one of the games - something I hate doing after I was called on a previous occassion to participate in a game where I was blindfolded and needed to pick out Mari from 5 other women by feeling her hands - I chose the wrong wife's hands!!!
However in this case it was a game of Charades and Mari and I won easily - no pictures of this historic moment I am afraid ( and no prize either !!!)

Pastor Mark

Mariana has gone with her husband Andrei to live in Chisinau and the are serving together on the staff of O.M.

Pastor Mark

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