Monday, October 31, 2011

Water Melon fellowship

As the summer began to draw to a close we organsied a time of fellowship with the believers

from Gotesti.

We shared water melon together and had a time to chat and relax

The big man in the photo is Sergiu a new believer who had lived a prodigal life until he recently repented in the Alpha course along with his wife Liuba.

They are planning to get baptised in the autumn when we have our next baptism meeting.

To his right is Georghe one of a pair of twins who are our members and who both have a muscle wasting disease - both walk to every meeting at the church although it takes them over an hoour to get to the church for what would be a 10 min walk for the rest of us. Courtesy of King's Fellowship in NI we have a car to transport the physically disabled which means we can take them home after the meetings. It will probably only be a year or so ( unless the Lord does a miracle ) before neither will be able to walk to church

Behind Sergiu is Tanya Rascovschii whom many of you know as she is Igor's wife ( our youth leader ) and is also one of our main translators.

Contrary to how it may seem she is not hiding a water melon under her shirt. They are expecting their second child some time around September.

After bloating ourselves with water melon we all went to play a game of volley.

Only the wise ones like the pastor didn't play

Yours and His

Pastor Mark

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