Friday, August 17, 2012

Easter Programme

It was great to again be able to have a special meeting at Easter in our church at Gotesti.
As usual we had our children do various songs and poems about the resurrection and many of their parents said how they had enjoyed what was done
In fact they often say how they appreciate what we do for the kids which obviously encourages us

Here Alina, MIsa and Maricica’s daughter is singing a solo. Isn’t she so cute.

Actually her mum tells me she not’s so cute at home. Ours are perfect at home I tell her with my tongue so far in my check I can hardly breathe.
I thought pastors weren’t supposed to tell lies she tells me – enough said.
We had about 30 parents of kids come to the Easter meeting many of whom were non members.

We’re praying that the message of Easter – the death of Jesus as our substitute for our sins and His resurrection so that we might have new life – will remain with them and they too will come into this new life.

Pastor Mark

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