Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ladies Day – 8th March
Every year on the 8th of March here in Moldova and in many countries in the East we celebrate ladies day – when all ladies get “spoiled” by their husbands sons etc.

Usually they get flowers or chocolates and a nice meal is made ( although it’s the women that make the meal  – no surprise there I hear you say)
Their children did a programme for them in the church to celebrate their mum’s day.
My wife Mari was the speaker on this day while I was in the coffee shop looking after clients – it meant I missed her first evangelistic message ( maybe that was her plan or His) I am told it spoke to the heart.
Here Bianca, Ilusa and Diana’s daughter, and Abigail are singing a duet and many of the other kids did poems or songs.
Many of the women said to us afterwards how it was such a lovely time of relaxation for them – something one has to say that in general women here do not get much of
Pastor Mark

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