Monday, August 27, 2012


Valeriu Munteanu and his wife Angela are responsible for the small church in the rather big village of Tigheci (3000 citizens).
Here he is at the lecturn in a room of his house that has been converted into a meeting room.
Valeriu was led to the Lord by Nicolai Sin who was the pastor at Antonesti who went recently to USA - see earlier blog.
Nicolai discipled him for some time and then left him responsible with Angela for the little church that had grown up.
There are around 5/6 that come regularly to the meeting. One lady is 84 and actually handles the catering for the church even cooking for foreign guests when they come. When she was saved she was almost bedridden but when she gave her life to the Lord He entered in and revitalised not just her soul but her body also.
It's been difficult for Valeriu working in the village as people are suspicious that he is leading some kind of a cult.
We have been trying to take over in some measure the role that Nicolai had as his mentor with the limited amount of time that I have. However we have been with a worship group and preached the gospel on Sunday afternoons while Valeriu has invited non Christians to come. There have been a few that have come and been quite open. We continue to work with him as best we can be of service
Pray that the Lord saves some villagers and the church thereby gets encouraged
Pastor Mark

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