Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas goes on

Well we were encouraged that we still had a good turn out to the meeting after Christmas.
Around 40 non Christians came.
As you look at the left hand side of this picture nearly all are non Christians from Chircani.
Some of these have given their lives to Christ in the last weeks some are sowing interestin finding out more.

I have planned to gather together on Thursday in Chircani all those who are interested in hearing more about how to come into a personal relationship with Christ including those that have given their lives to Christ recently.
In January we will start another "seekers course" for all these and for others in Gotesti that have shown similar interest.

Pray for this family. They are the parents of one of our youth.

Vasia and Catea and their neighbour Rita. We ask for God to bring them to the church regularly.

I hope to visit them this week and encourage them to come.
All others you see in the pciture are unsaved from Gotesti
Pray for our next outreach which is our Christmas programme at Constantinovca, one of our church plant villages.

They celebrate the Orthodox Christmas in that village which is January 7th so we will do a children's progamme in the kindergarten and probably do carols in the village as the time approaches

Here are some of our youth doing a programme in this week's meeting
Some of these will be involved in the carol singing
Also the team that is going to Chisinau Jan 2-6 to take a winter camp for our adolescents are taken from this group as well as some others
Do pray for them and that there wil be a harvest amongst the adolescents during this week
Thanks for all your prayers
Pastor Mark

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hi M M R+A
Remembering you today-Thursday
love Liz and John