Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas getting close

It's a great time of year if you are a pastor and evangelist like me to see the meetings full of rejoicing Christians and a large number of non Christians.

We counted 36 non Christian adults amongst us as well as 15 or so adolecents

One young woman Anisoara, the married daughter of one of our Christian families from Chircani gave her life to the Lord after the meeting.

We feel this is likely to be a new birth as she was part of the church 7 years ago until she ran off to live with the first boy who swept her off her feet. She knew the word of God well and has been coming again to the meetings for some months now so we suppose she understands all about the cost of being a Christian in terms of His Lorship etc.

We also had 17 people complete reponse forms asking for follow up visits or wanting to start a bible study etc. Many also completed the point that says I gave my life to the Lord to-day but from experience this usually means that they haven't fully understood it's implications.

However one who wants some material to read to discover how to have a personal relaionship with God is a doctor from the village whose cousin is a believer from the village of Pascani and who visited us to-day bringing this doctor with her.

She visited us to-day because Grija ( see photo ), a preacher from her church, was our speaker to-day.

Another one of the response cards was completed by a 10 yr old boy who gave his life to the Lord to-day but also wrote under the heading "other comments or questions"

"I want to know why God loves me"

What a text to preach on.

We also had the 6 out of the 9 new believers who are in the discpleship course along with their disciplers come out to the front and sing a carol.

For Alexei, the former mayor ( front right ) it was the first time ever siniging in public. He was relieved to agree with me afterwards that he did it for the Lord.

We are hoping that some of these will come through to baptism probably in February.

This time of year sees us also involved with giving out aid to poor families and is probably the reason why we get so many non Christians coming at this time of the year.

It is not an easy thing to select who should get aid and who we have to pass by as the need far outstrips the resources we have to give but we are nonetheless able to do something significant for around 160 families in our villages this year with the generous gifts of many of you who are reading this blog

We thank you all on their behalf

Many of you have been asking how the pizzerie is getting on. The answer is that we are still battling bureucracy here with the final stamp delayed yet again. But we are trusting the Lord as to His date for opening and are feeling this might be in January

Here is a typical example of the problems. The sign ( see picture ) which should now be up isn't because it is not properly made and unless we do some extra work on it is will leek water etc.

Keep praying for us though. We have truly seen much answer to prayer this last year and really depend on your intercessions
Pastor Mark
16 December 2007


Rene said...

Praise God for the work being completed there. Press on for the harvest is ripe. Thanks for sharing with us, we are praying.
love, Rene

Chris Elston said...

"I will build My Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it." (Matthew 16 v.18)

The blog is looking good.

Chris in Slovakia