Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Meeting 2007

To-day we had our Christmas meeting at which 243 adults attended + 86 kids + 94 kids we had in our programme from our groups in Gotesti.

This meant that we were able to share the gospel with 190 unsaved of whom 4 came to give their lives to the Lord after the meeting and another 36 completed forms looking for follow up of some kind or another.

In the message we spoke of Christ, the sent one's mission being to preach good news to the poor, TO HEAL THE BROKEN HEARTED..... and saw many faces showing signs that they were pondering these things in their hearts as did Mary in Luke 2:19

Pray for us as we try to follow up all those that came to the meeting.

Of course we are fully aware that most of these have come not seeking the Lord but rather because it was a Christmas meeting. Some because their children were in the programme some because they were hoping for a Christmas gift or some because they got an aid packet this week but nonetheless we have had opportunity to impart the gospel and, we trust, something of the Spirit to them to-day.

This dear lady on the right is called Marusia.

This was her first time at our meeting, coming because she got an aid packet.

After the meeting she spoke to one of our members with tears in hers eyes saying this is the first time in her life she has ever recived a gift.

Our thanks on her behalf to you who have given money to make these aid packets possible

The mayor of our village was also at the meeting and indeed gave an opening greeting.

Pray for him. He is an honest man working in our village that is anything but.

Our children's groups put on a wonderful programme of which the highlight was probably the angels parade that the adolescents groups put on.

One of the teachers from the Chircani Kindergarten was at the meeting and after seeing their programme asked if they could come and do it in the Kindergarten next week

Pray for Igor and Tanya and 4 of our youth as they take this adolescent group away for a winter camp Jan 2-6. We want to see many of these come through to a new birth. They are aged 11-14 and we believe this is entirely possible at this age.
All of us here at Biserica Baptista Gotesti and us of the McCormick Family wish you all a wonderful Christmas and prosperous new year
Pastor Mark

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