Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas programme in Chircani

This year we were able to do our Christmas programme in the Chircani school.

Marin is the Orthodox priest in this village and we have a very good relatioship with him.

Here he is opening the meeting with me in the festival hall in the school. This is a photo that most Baptist pastors would be shocked to see as in general there tends to be very poor relations between priests and pastors

We have about 50 kids in the club in Chircani from 7 -14 and all took part in the programme.

Around 20 teachers and parents also attended and later some came to our Wednesday meeting in Gotesti.

All our kids that took part in the programme received a bag of goodies.

It was a joy for me to see these kids getting a pair of socks, an orange, a bar of chocolate and a pen and being thrilled with it.

It reminded me of clip I once saw on a "You've been framed" programme of a 10 yr old opening his Christmas present on video to discover a
200$ computer game which he smashed into pieces because it was not to his liking

This is good reason for me to consider it a blessing that my kids grow up
in Moldova is ti not?

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