Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Gift of God

Christmas will soon be upon us and things are becoming very busy. We have just had a visit from the Eurovangelism team including the director Dave Roderick seen here preaching in our church.

Eurovangelism supply funds for us to be able to buy a food packet to give to poor families at this time of the year. We are able to help 150 families with a food gift of flour, potatoes, rice, macaroni etc. amounting to the equivalent of a month’s salary for a teacher.

It makes a substantial difference to these families to have this help

The husband of the woman above left her 2 years ago with 6 kids to bring up and no income

To the left is a family whose husband is honest and works when he can but only available is the odd day digging someone's garden or working at a house where they are doing repairs.

Taking these gifts to families also gives us an opportunity to speak of a greater Gift that God has given us.

In the past many of those receiving aid have then proceeded to come to the church and some have gone on to get saved.
Nicu our blind member is an example of one of these and yesterday he did a song with his accordian in the meeting

We had 39 non Christian adults at the monring meeting as well as around 20 non Christian adolescents.

Around 10 of those where at the meeting for the first time while two adults from Chircani who have been coming to the meetings for some time now gave their lives to the Lord after the preaching.

We were also fortunate to have international worship leader Rob Newey with us, who came with the Eurovangelism team.

He took 2 days of seminars on leading worship which was attended by around 70 people from many diferent churches in the South.

Pray for us as we do a Christmas gospel message every Sunday with our Christmas special on Sunday 23 December. We usually get large numbers coming and many have been coming for a while so we are looking to the Lord for a harvest amongst these.
Pray for the coffee shop which has been again delayed with documents and other problems. We will not now open before January.
Wishing you all a restful Christmas and a prosperous new year in all respects
Pastor Mark


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Sonya said...

Hi Mark
Its sonya here form Avanti. Its great to see what God is doing with your ministry. I pray that your Christmas service goes well and that your congregation meets with God this Christmas.
God Bless you say hello to the girls for me.
Sonya Newton